patient perception survey: Office Staff
1When you called our office for the first time to set up your initial appointment, were our Intake Specialists helpful and did they treat you well?
2If you have ever spoken to one of our Authorization Specialists about precertification / recertification, insurance issues, or PCP referrals were they helpful and did they treat you well?
3When you have called our office on the phone, has your call been answered promptly and were our receptionists courteous, helpful and respectful to you?
4When you have come to the office in person and interacted with our receptionists, have they been courteous, helpful and respectful to you?
5If you have ever had a question about your bill, has our billing department staff been courteous, helpful and respectful to you?
n=nevers=sometimesm=most of the timea=always
6The receptionists are knowledgeable and are able to assist me with a variety of requests.
7The receptionists seem to genuinely care about me as a patient and treat me with respect and compassion.
8For verification purposes, please enter the patient age to right:
9Additional comments about our office staff: Please be honest and feel free to express your own opinion (optional).
Characters remaining: 2000
for verification purposes, and to keep the results of this survey accurate, please enter the code from the image on the right in the box (images are case-insensitive).  then, click submit this survey.  If you are having trouble, please click refresh for a new image or the audio icon for and audible submission.
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