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how to reach us

Our postal address is:
955 Windham Court
Boardman, OH 44512

you can reach us by telephone at (330) 726-9570.

transmissions / communications over the internet

while Comprehensive Psychiatry Group (CPG), INC. employs reasonable efforts to ensure that this website (including any and all domains and subdomans) is as secure as possible, we acknowledge that the internet is not secure.  Comprehensive Psychiatry Group (CPG), INC. is committed to protection the privacy of its visitors and strictly adheres to a privacy policy which can be viewed on the left of the page.  any transmission of data or information (including communications by email) are subject to possible tampering, alteration, interception, and loss while in transit.  Comprehensive Psychiatry Group (CPG), INC. does not assume liability for any damage that its users may experience or any costs that can be incurred as a result of any transmissions over the internet or as a result of browsing our website.


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